Our mission is to increase and promote bilateral innovation, investment and trade relations between Canada and Brazil by connecting, informing, assisting, encouraging and otherwise supporting Canadian businesses with economic, social, or historical ties with Brazil in their efforts to capitalize on opportunities with Brazilian businesses, and vice versa.

Our objective is to foster commerce between Canada and Brazil by means of helping Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to identify business opportunities for Canadian companies in Brazil and Brazilian companies in Canada.

We fulfill the role of being the international body in charge of connecting its members to the appropriate local partners on the target market to cater to the members' needs for information, education, consultation, market assessments, local infrastructure, resources and investment.

Check out the interview with our President Sergio Frias and our Director of Business Development Vinicius Morandi at Chin Radio. (Portuguese only)


The Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (FCBB)

was founded in Ottawa, Canada.

FCBB moved its headquarters to Toronto with Humber College as its host.

Rani Dhaliwal became chairman of the FCBB Board.

The process of professionalization began in order to substitute the president's academic profile into a president of business.

Sheldon Leiba became the chairman of the FCBB Board.


The FCC foster and enhance trade and investments between Canada and Brazil by offering

the following activities to and on behalf of FCBB's members:​​


a business network in Canada for members to meet regularly to establish contact, exchanging information about business opportunities, and to become more familiar with Brazilian business issues.


public and member-only events, dinners, luncheons, receptions and meetings, in which speakers will talk about topics relevant for Canadian businesses, conducting business in Brazil.


and implementing programs, including a mix of business and social events and activities that will strengthen the local business community and contribute positively to the community as a whole.


and maintaining online databases and tools enabling Brazilian and Canadian businesses to identify and approach each other for investment, networking, and trade purposes.


business missions to and from Brazil, as well as conferences, exhibitions, and seminars for Brazilian & Canadian companies.


relations between universities in Canada and Brazil which will support the efforts of FCBB members.



and encouraging Canada-Brazil economic relations within Canadian Federal, Provincial and local governments, with their Brazilian counterparts and other relevant entities and organizations.



with Brazilian cultural and other civic organizations on programs of interest to FCBB members.



We continually foster the creation, renewal, replenishment and expansion of knowledge.

We promote non-competitive benchmarking and best practices sharing among members.


We collaborate, listen and share within FCBB and with our partners.

We foster good communications, open decision making, and teamwork.

We reduce barriers and encourage diversity.


We enhance and sustain the innovation process by leveraging the differences.

We stimulate effective information and idea exchanges through co-location.

We establish a multicultural channel to promote innovation.


We maintain confidential information and privacy.

We protect the interest of our members and maintain integrity.

We avoid conflict of interest.

We practice high ethical and professional standards.

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