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BDO: Global presence offering more than 150 services

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Entrevista by Giselle Norões.

BDO has over 95 years of experience in the market, more than 100 locations across Canada and 160 around the world. Accounting firms like BDO usually are recognized in the industry for providing tax and audit services, but organizations, including those whose borders reach internationally, will find additional value in the 150+ services BDO offers.

“BDO is more than just an accounting firm. We work to relate to our clients on a personal level—to gain a full understanding of their business and their objectives, and to provide support and guidance that will help them manage change. We tailor our services and approach to meet the unique needs of our clients, so they can rely on us for effortless and exceptional service”. (Rita Trowbridge, CPA, CA Partner, International Tax BDO Canada LLP).

In addition to the Assurance & Accounting, Tax, Advisory and Outsourcing services, BDO helps the industry sector to increase its own capabilities and resources.

The accounting firm serves clients across a large variety of industries, including the manufacturing, technology and life sciences sectors. Its technology practice includes supporting tech companies at the start-up and scale-up stages with bundled services and special events, such as VC Pitch Day.

BDO advisors understand the niche challenges these industries face and can provide insight to help its clients achieve their goals. Its industry leaders produce timely thought leadership and keep their ears close to the ground to provide informed advice on the topics and trends that are affecting their clients. The BDO team also regularly holds industry events, such as conferences, roundtables, and webinars, where these issues are explored further.

“BDO leads and participates in a variety of ecosystems within the Canadian and international marketplace. Through these ties, we are able to build longstanding relationships and curate a network of leaders within these communities, including FCBB. As part of our relationship with FCBB, BDO seeks to be the preferred advisor by leveraging our industry-specialized knowledge, resources, and responsive service”. (Maria da Silva, CMA, CA Senior Manager, Small Business & Outsourcing BDO Canada LLP).

How BDO works

Through this expansive network, BDO can act as the in-house accounting and tax teams for businesses that wish to expand into the Canadian market but have not yet established an internal team in Canada to handle these functions. The firm provides support and advisory related to outsourced bookkeeping and payroll, immigration, international tax planning, and other issues that are critical for organizations that are growing internationally.

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