Welcome to the FCBB, your business gateway to Brazil!

Meet Sérgio Frias

Welcome to the Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (FCBB)!


The FCBB is a not-for-profit organization devoted to strengthening the ties between Canadian and Brazilian SMEs,  academic and governmental institutions. It is my pleasure as the President, to invite you to join FCBB, a unique initiative that gives your business the opportunity to pursue profit in a foreign venture either in the Brazilian or the Canadian markets and help shape the growth of Canadian-Brazilian SMEs’ relationships.

The primary goal of FCBB is to assist Canadian SMEs in Brazil, as well as Brazilian SMEs in Canada, to develop business opportunities and partnerships, without the need for significant investments of time and capital.  FCBB is focused on providing its members access to some of the most valuable tools to successfully penetrate and thrive in the Brazilian and Canadian markets such as:

  • Strategic partnerships and alliances with Brazilian and Canadian organizations and institutions;
  • Competitive intelligence and information about specific markets;
  • Support for breaking through cultural, language and regulatory barriers;
  • Knowledge about product certification and adaptations;
  • Market education

Using an international entrepreneurial approach to support the establishment of a member’s business in Brazil or in Canada, we would be pleased to provide to our members, access to office space, manuals and product adaptations, translation services, bilingual secretariat and a wide range of exclusive benefits to members such as discounts on car rentals, courier services and others. At the FCBB, it is a privilege to help our members achieve success in the Brazilian or Canadian markets.  If your business is ready to take the next steps, then contact us to learn how FCBB can be of service to your business.


If you are ready, FCBB will help you to make it happen.


Sergio Frias, MBA

President & CEO

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