The Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (FCBB) Volunteer Program*  is a meaningful opportunity for those willing to experience the fast-growing ecosystem of start-ups, small and medium businesses emerging in Brazil and Canada.

The FCBB’s mission is to increase and promote bilateral innovation, investment and trade relations between Canada and Brazil by connecting, informing, assisting, encouraging and otherwise supporting Canadian businesses with economic, social, or other interests in the Brazilian market, in their efforts to capitalize on opportunities with Brazilian businesses, and vice versa.

As part of our Volunteer Team, individuals will be assigned to lead and/or support the initiatives that drive our business towards our goals in many different areas such as Business Development, Marketing, HR and Projects.

Volunteering at FCBB is a unique opportunity to build your Canadian experience, strengthen your network, and gain exposure to senior executives doing business between Brazil and Canada. Indeed, FCBB provides you with ways to increase your business learning, enhance your personal and professional development.

Build your Canadian experience

Participate in Events

Increase your Business learning

Take advantage of the freedom to come up with new ideas

Strengthen your Network

Be Recognized for your accomplishments

Enhance your Personal Development

Be part of our team

Check the opportunities available and apply today!

*The FCBB Volunteer positions are unpaid and it is expected a minimum commitment of six months with the program.

We will be glad to provide you a letter highlighting your contributions during the period you stayed with us.


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